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        Breast Augmentation/Enlargement

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        Breast Augmentation (or enlargement) is generally performed on women with underdeveloped breasts or on women who have experienced a decrease in breast size or shape due to pregnancy or weight loss and desire a fuller breast appearance.

        How is Breast Enlargement done & how long is the procedure?
        The surgery, usually done under General Anesthesia, consists of making an incision(either placed under the breast/inframammary, peri-areolar, or at the armpit/axillary), lifting the breast tissue/chest muscle, creating a pocket in the breast/chest area, and placing an implant underneath. Although several implants are available at the present time, the implant which we use often for augmentation purposes, are silicone gel implants. Upon patient requests, saline implants can also be used.
        Generally, the procedure requires a range of 1-3 hours.

        Do I have to stay in the hospital?
        Most breast augmentation surgery is performed as a "same day surgery" where the patient returns home the same day without staying in the hospital.

        Is it safe?
        Breast augmentation is fairly safe, but no procedure is completely risk free. There are several concerns regarding breast augmentation: the surgery itself, the implants, breast cancer, and the risk of anesthesia. There is no known association of breast implants with breast cancer in human beings, and in fact several large studies have shown a lower incidence of breast cancer in women with breast implants. There are risks associated with any surgery and anesthesia. Modern-day anesthetic techniques have reduced these risks quite a bit, but do not eliminate them completely.

        How long until I can go back to work?
        Usually it is possible to resume quiet activities in two or three days. You will still be sore, of course, and should avoid heavy use of the arms. If your work is quite sedentary, it would be possible to return to work at this time. If your work is more vigorous, however, then you will have to take more time off in order to allow for proper healing.


        Breast Augmentation

        Please note: This information is only intended as an introduction to this procedure. It should not be used to determine whether you will have the procedure performed nor to guarantee the result. The best method of determining your options would be to consult surgeons who are accessible to you to answer all your questions.

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