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        Rhinoplasty(Noselift / Nosejob), Alar Plasty, Tip Plasty

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        RHINOPLASTY (for ASIANS or ORIENTALS) is a surgical procedure done to enhance the features of the nose and can include 3 procedures: Bridge Augmentation, Alar Plasty(Alar Trimming) and Tip Plasty. The number of procedures to be done will depend on the patient's nose.

        AUGMENTATION RHINOPLASTY, also called Dorsal/Bridge Augmentation, or Noselift -done to increase the height of the dorsum of the nose. This improves upon the feature of a low nose bridge seen in some patients. A biocompatible material may be used to elevate the nasal profile. The most commonly used material is silicone elastomer, which is a firm, rubbery substance that is well tolerated by the body and if ever, have few possible complications if properly done by a qualified, trained plastic surgeon. Other materials which may be used include PTFE(Goretex) and cartilage.
        NOTE: Our society cautions the public regarding the use of any injectable substance to augment the nasal dorsum. The results of this injections are very disappointing, and may be difficult to correct.

        ALAR PLASTY (NOSE TRIM) -done to narrow the wide alar width of the nose, reduce the flaring of the ala or to reduce the large opening of the nostrils . This procedure can be performed on its own, or with a Nasal Dorsal Augmentation or Tip Plasty. Wedge-shaped pieces of tissue are removed from the alar side wall, near its junction with the cheek or at the alar margin. A secondary benefit is that it may also lift the nasal tip up a bit.

        TIP PLASTY -done to modify the nasal tip by working on the tip cartilages(removing some cartilages that cause bulkiness at the tip or suturing the cartilages), and if needed, adding cartilage grafts(usually from the ear) to the tip area.

        CLOSED vs OPEN RHINOPLASTY: In the closed technique, all incisions are hidden inside the nose. The open technique requires external incisions at the columellar area(area between the nostrils). Because every nose is different and has unique surgical requirements, the closed approach may be more suitable for some noses, while the open approach may be more suitable for others. The approach will also depend on the patient's and surgeon's preference.

        ANESTHESIA: The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia with or without oral sedation.

        RECOVERY: Expect some bruising and swelling during first few days and will usually subside in about 1 week.

        LENGTH OF SURGERY: About 1-2 hours.


        Augmentation Rhinoplasty, Tip Enhancement and Alar Trim

        Augmentation Rhinoplasty with Tip

        Alar Plasty/ Nose Trim

        Augmentation Rhinoplasty with Alar Plasty

        Please note: This information is only intended as an introduction to this procedure. It should not be used to determine whether you will have the procedure performed nor to guarantee the result. The best method of determining your options would be to consult surgeons who are accessible to you to answer all your questions.

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